The discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC marks the apotheosis of quantum field theory, but there is currently no sign of physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, leaving many physicists wondering whether the Higgs is all there is. The role of the Institute is to explore aspects of physics beyond the Standard Model by fostering collaborative research in field theory and particle physics between the participating institutions as well as others institutions in UK and abroad. The participation of postgraduate students in events of the Institute, such as organised workshops and regular seminars by internationally renowned experts, constitutes a major training mission of the Institute. The seminar programme will be coordinated with the corresponding seminar series in the constituent institutions.

The number of institutions participating in the Institute is not fixed and could change depending on developments in research programmes. The current participating institutions are:

Interactions are also envisaged with other existing centres in London: the London Institute of Cosmology; the London Centre for TeraUniverse Studies, directed by Professor John Ellis; and partly with the Thomas Young Centre, as far as common trends in particle and condensed matter physics are concerned.

Steering Committee: